The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire & Wiltshire)

The Farmer’s Boys

The sun had set beyond yon hill, Across the dreary moor, When weary and lame, a boy there came, Up to the farmer's door, "Can you tell me whe'ere I be, And one that will me employ," To plough and sow, to reap and mow, And be a farmer's boy, And be a farmer's boy?
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The Regimental Colours

The regiment was part of The British Army's Order of Battle (ORBAT) from 1959 to 1994. It was formed by the amalgamation of two great county regiments, The Royal Berkshire Regiment and The Wiltshire Regiment, and served with distinction around the world.

The Regiments recruiting area was from Berkshire and Wiltshire however during it's existence, among it's ranks were soldiers from throughout the country in fact throughout the commonwealth from afar afield as the Caribbean to Fiji to South Africa and Australia.

The Regiments most recognised nickname was "The Farmers Boys" which was taken from it's Regimental march *The Farmers Boy", the first line of which you can see scrolling across the top of the site. Other nicknames that were used were, The DERRs, The Wunders.

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